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Tots and Toddlers

For babies and toddlers; to play is to learn. Our tots & toddlers soft play areas are specifically designed for 0-3's so that they can play safely with each other, or mum and dad, without being bumped into by the bigger kids! Bright colours, a variety of levels and different materials engage and stimulate.

'Pastel Play'

'Woodland Softplay'

'Sailing to the Shops'

Small Areas

Our bespoke designs for small-scale play areas are perfect for children with busy and inquisitive minds. Our detailed planning process allows for even the smallest of areas to be filled with an exciting range of educational equipment. Featuring lighting effects to aid motor and cognitive development and number and letter boards, designed to enhance reading and arithmetic skill.

‘Futuristic Forest Play’

'Play Cafe'

‘Lighthouse and Boats’

'Indoor Garden'

Medium Areas

Our unique designs for medium scale play areas are perfect for children of all ages. Medium areas can give the impression of a smaller, more family friendly play experience whilst allowing you to maximise every square foot and explore a variety of different revenue streams.  Whether a squash court, a church renovation or a purpose built smaller industrial unit we install areas into buildings of all different shapes and sizes and make sure designs work with the building’s character. So whatever the space, Tigerplay has the knowledge and expertise to fulfil your expectations.

‘Role Play Village’

‘Treehouse Play Space’

‘Farm Barn’

'Space Adventure'

'Woodland Play Barn'

'Java Play Cafe'

Large Areas

The more space you have, the greater your options are and here at Tigerplay we have a fantastic selection of products to let your imagination run wild. From kart tracks and music rooms to ball blast zones and climbing walls, Tigerplay can help you create the ultimate family entertainment centre, whilst simultaneously maximising your revenue.

‘Angel Court’

'Beach Hut'

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