Small Spaces, Big Impact!  

Our bespoke designs for small-scale play areas are perfect for children with busy and inquisitive minds. Our detailed planning process allows for even the smallest of areas to be filled with an exciting range of educational equipment. From lighting effects to aid motor and cognitive development to number and letter boards, designed to enhance reading and arithmetic skill. 

Small area case study 1 - Barbara preistman school

Barbara Preistman School

Where:  Sunderland

Dimensions: 6m x 6m

Child capacity: 18 children (in accordance with ROSPA guidelines)

Price: Circa £30,000

Maximising space is the name of the game when dealing with smaller spaces with low ceiling height and that was well and truly achieved with this installation at a school in Sunderland. The design teams use of bouldering and climbing walls, dual level soft play, swings and tunnels means no where in the room is off-limits and there is hundreds of different routes, climb, jump, squeeze and crawl through the system.





SMALL AREA CASE STUDY 2 -  Ronald Macdonald House

Ronald Macdonald House

Location: Glasgow




Dimensions: L.7m32 x W.3m66 x H.2m40

Child capacity: 13 children (in accordance with ROSPA guide lines)

Price: Circa £25,000

Producing a space where there is opportunity for kids to chill, explore, investigate and play was key for Macdonald house. With the limited footprint we managed to incorporate all these elements and maintain an area that is inviting for all visitors.



JJ’s Play Cafe

Location: Hayward Heath





Junior multi level play area:  L.6m10 x W.3m66 x H.3m60

Child capacity: 32 children (in accordance with ROSPA guide lines)


Babies soft play area: L.3m66 x W.3m66 x H.1m20

Child capacity: 9 children (in accordance with ROSPA guide lines)

Price: Circa £25,000

JJ’s at Haywards Heath is a prime example of maxing out a design despite the tightest of budgets. The area incorporates a kart track, a babies area complete with a ball pool and a jam-packed play structure which all nestles neatly into a high street shop unit.