About us.

Over the past decade, Tigerplay has developed into a leading indoor soft play design and build company. Creating multi-functional, captivating spaces, which encourage children to play and learn.

We ensure all elements of the design process are covered; paying attention to temperature, light, sound, seating, etc.  We even create a café area for the adults to relax, whilst children make the most of our British manufactured, design-led installation. 

Having built on over 30 years commercial experience in the children's leisure and soft play industry, Tigerplay Ltd has provided fun for thousands of children by supplying safe, educational and interactive indoor and outdoor soft play experiences.

Commercial clients have taken us all over the world, from Kuwait to Sydney, from Malaysia to Miami and organisations such as Sure Start, Carnival, Westfield and Birmingham's Children's Hospital (to name a few) have all invested in Tigerplay's ability to offer innovative design solutions and outstanding customer care.

Soft play areas have become increasingly popular with young families and are fantastic places for children to run, bounce, explore and play. We all know how important play is in those early years, enhancing every aspect of your child's development, paving the way for learning and developing crucial life skills.


Drawing from our experience in the commercial industry, and listening to the 'wish lists' of many families we have met along the way, we introduced the concept of utilising soft play structures within the home environment to maximise the benefits of playing at home. Combining modern luxury materials and fabrics with high spec designs that reflect the lifestyle and personality of your family we can create an impressive indoor or outdoor play space, exclusively for the use of your family and friends.

We offer a free consultation service and excellent customer care to take you from the initial design stages through to installation. Our working relationship with you is paramount to us to enable us to understand your vision and translate it into a working and living design. A design that will offer safe, limitless and flexible play that will adapt and change as your child grows.

Our creative team thrives on the pioneering approach we have towards new ideas and ground breaking play concepts and we always look to push the limits of what is possible, offering designs that are distinctive, unique and inspiring.