Tigerplay Environmental. the one stop cleaning solution for play spaces and children's activity areas.

With the latest equipment designed specifically for the job, our team ensures we leave your play spotless, smelling great and free from harmful bugs and bacteria. Cleaning and maintenance of indoor play systems requires a wide range of professional products. Regardless of the size of the area, our cleaning solutions deliver unrivalled results every time, with a team that delivers maximum efficiency, sustainability and value for money.



Ball Wash

Our state of the art ball cleaning process involves extracting the play balls from the ball pit through the suction hose into a brush wash system which scrubs the play balls in a chlorine based sanitisation fluid to kill any surface bacteria. The play balls are then collected into net sacks which allows for drying and the balls to be stored safely whilst the empty ball pit is cleaned.

An average sized ball pool holds approximately 10,000 x 75-80mm plastic play balls. It will take one of our teams around two hours to sanitise the balls in a pool of this size, using our industrial vacuums to clean and remove debris from the emptied ball pit. The ball pit is then wiped down with anti-bactericidal cleaner while the cleaned play balls are allowed to dry.




Steaming and Dust Busting

Hygienic and environmentally friendly; our steam cleaners clean all hard surfaces without any chemicals. This is ideal for removing sticky sweets and chewing gum.

Thanks to innovative filter technology, our vacuums can tackle both wet and dry surfaces, meaning no dust is safe from our equipment!

The Nitty Gritty

Tigerplay environmental cleaning solution is safe to be used around children and adults. There are no toxic or any other harmful chemicals in the formula that can irritate skin or trigger children's asthma.

We use an all in one solution that is a disinfectant detergent and a deodoriser. It acts fast and penetrates dirt and grime from below, rather than the surface. It is safe to use to use in food preparation areas and is certified by health and safety.