Tigerplay Care is dedicated to advising on, designing and installing unique environments which match your special sensory and educational needs.

Our dedicated team offer expert support and knowledge in creating sensory environment for children and adults with special educational needs. 



Calm rooms

Tigerplay Care recognises that children with physical disabilities and mental illnesses need specific kinds of surroundings. 

When designing spaces, Tigerplay Care look to create as many calming influences as possible.  An important design factor is colour. The primary colours of red, yellow and blue are prevalent in everything from classrooms to therapists' offices to bedrooms. Research suggests that these can be overpowering and distracting. Blues, green and violets instead provide more tranquil environments. 





Sensory Rooms

Multi-Sensory rooms are specifically designed to encourage sensory exploration and discovery as well providing a soothing and relaxing environment. Sensory rooms can have benefits for everyone but they can be particularly beneficial for children and adults with special educational needs.

Multi-Sensory rooms have been shown to enhance sensory development, hand to eye coordination and cause and effect response, speech and language development, social and emotional development and encourage calmness and relaxation.

Using light, sound, soft play and a wide range of specialised equipment our designers can create the ultimate sensory experience with your specific needs in mind. A unique space that will be both stimulating and relaxing, where a multitude of senses can be explored and experienced.

It doesn’t matter if your space is large or small, we can make the most of what is available to you, tailoring the design accordingly without compromising on the finished product. We can also combine soft play structures within your sensory room making the space multifunctional if you have more than one child.

Bubble tubes, fibre optics, light projectors, light curtains, interactive panels and sound walls, infinity tunnels, mirrored walls, bubble blowers, ball pools, activity walls, audio equipment can all be used individually or as part of a complete sensory installation .







Safe pod

The calm room and safe pod provide a sanctuary offering a safe and secure environment.