We have combined crafted, barista served coffee and specially selected food ranges, with our premium play, to offer a perfect break-out area for adults to relax and children to refresh.

Tigerplay Cafés provide the perfect destination for play dates and just a great place to take the kids and enjoy a quality coffee in a relaxed, clean and friendly environment.

The big high street coffee shops are great and very popular however we feel Tigerplay Café can offer this and more with a premium play experience that is just as important as the quality coffee and culinary offering. So why not enhance your business by joining us as a franchise partner? You can incorporate a coffee shop into your business as a corporate franchisee or even take the Tigerplay Café brand internationally.

We can offer significant help with set up and are always open to ideas and offerings in terms of joint enterprise management and ownership. Overall we believe Mum and Dad deserve great coffee and a little area for their kids to play on every high street in the UK and abroad. We would love for you to come on board and help us deliver that goal.

We look forward to hearing from you.