Before & After: A Softplay Renovation for London Children's Cafe

Sometimes clients come to us looking to improve a play structure they already have rather than start from scratch and it's amazing what can be achieved with some careful design work, new materials and a bit of TLC. The Apple Tree Children's Cafe in Herne Hill, London is a great example of this.

Tigerplay_Apple Tree_BEFORE.png
Tigerplay_Apple Tree_AFTER.png

Founder of Apple Tree Children's Cafe, Emily Ajasa, came to us having bought the cafe and eager to update the play space. Emily wanted to create a cafe where the grown-ups can enjoy a nice coffee and a bite to eat while the little ones can enjoy a play space that's clean, safe and most importantly, great fun! 

An early drawing of the redesign excluding soft furnishings

An early drawing of the redesign excluding soft furnishings

We worked with the original structure adding a tree, ball pit, wall pads, toadstools and artwork panels all incorporating the Apple Tree brand; creating a woodland themed play area that was guaranteed to keep the children entertained during their visit. The play structure is now much more in-keeping with the cafe and it's brand.

Tigerplay_Apple Tree Cafe_2.jpg
Tigerplay_Apple Tree Cafe_7.jpg
Tigerplay_Apple Tree Cafe_5.jpg
Tigerplay_Apple Tree Cafe_1.jpg
Tigerplay_Apple Tree Cafe_3.jpg

Congratulations to Emily and her team for creating such a wonderful space for both the grown ups and children to enjoy. Find out more about Apple Tree Cafe and the variety of parties, clubs and events they host on their website

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