Starting Up a Play Centre

Whether you're interested in setting up a large scale indoor play area or a small soft play cafe; we can turn your idea into a living, working design. 

Whether your space is big or small, you must think about your overall offering; for the grown ups as well as the little ones. Ideally you want your space to be somewhere that parents, grandparents and friends can relax while the children engage in fun, challenging and safe play.

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Formulas to help you get started

Child capacity

2 sqm = 1 child (children aged from 5+yrs)

1.5 sqm = 1 child (children aged from 0 to 4yrs)

(in accordance with RoSPA guidelines)

How much space do we set aside for play?

We recommend splitting the space available into thirds:

1/3 – for play

1/3 – for parent seating

1/3 – for café, kitchen, party rooms, toilets, staff room, storage and office.

Key areas for consideration

Lighting has an important role to play in the look and feel of a play space. When done right, a well-lit space builds a sense of wellbeing and orientates the children and other visitors.

Heating is a fundamental prerequisite to maintaining a comfortable environment, particularly for toddlers and young children; the primary daytime market.

A café adds huge value to your offering as a “day out” destination. Be sure to cater to dietary requirements.

Amenities What’s the perfect complement to coffee while the kids are letting off some steam? Aside from fellow Mums or Dads, it’s WiFi! It goes without saying that you'll also need clean and well-kept toilets, and a safe place to store coats and buggies.

Budget Make sure you have a solid business plan. Check you have the right planning permission and be clear on your local demographic; what the local community will expect and be willing to spend at your play centre.

Feeling inspired?

We can offer significant help with set up and are always open to ideas and offerings in terms of joint enterprise management and ownership. Overall we believe that every family deserves a great place, local to home, where they can relax whilst the kids play.

Give our friendly team a call today to discuss your ideas with us, and take the first step towards making your business idea a reality.