The farming industry is changing. Farmers are looking to diversify and make best use of their land, with visitors in mind. What better way to make use of an old cowshed, empty field or unused barn?

Providing a fresh take on the conventional indoor play offering, our farm park installations combine wooden play structures with premium soft play to create a new, organic approach to the traditional soft play centre model. Not only do our new installations look great but visiting Mums, Dads and children love the extra challenge presented by these harder materials. In order to improve spatial awareness and teach children how to play safely, our timber play structures are not all padded. The mix of soft and slightly harder surfaces allow children to become independent in their navigation and build problem solving skills - whilst having a great time doing so.

Roves Farm, Wiltshire UK

Dimensions: 12m x 8m

Child Capacity: 80

Cotswold Farm Park, Cheltenham UK

Dimensions: 6m x 7m

Child Capacity: 30

Come Into Play, Staffordshire UK

Dimensions: 38m x 24m

Child Capacity: 129

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