Tigerplay has teamed up with eibe to offer innovative outdoor play equipment, with product ranges that are manufactured from high quality, sustainable materials. So whether it’s a new and exciting adventure playground, or a refreshing external overhaul, eibe has a bespoke solution for all your play equipment needs.

Children love to explore the outdoors and your garden presents a unique and wonderful environment to an enquiring and inquisitive young mind. It is a place of constant discovery and learning and the benefits of playing outdoors are huge. Taking inspiration from your natural setting we aim to add another layer to natures tapestry.

Working in collaboration with Eibe, one Europe’s leading manufacturers of playground equipment, we can offer you the ultimate outdoor experience.

An adventure combined with nature – with a unique concept that simply oozes quality.

Our designs are distinctive and unusual and the irregular structure of the robinia wood makes our products stand out. It brings a liveliness and uniqueness to every outdoor play unit and in keeping with the concept, the colours are natural.

Whether it is a standard well-loved classic or an innovative bespoke design, all our creations are inspired by the natural beauty of the outdoors. From playhouses to climbing frames, swing sets to slides, tree houses to dens, we have wooden play sets to suit everyone.

Children love to explore, jump, climb, play and immerse themselves in a fantasy world. The sky is literally the limit in the garden so we can let our imaginations run wild and provide the perfect play space where your child can run, swing, climb, bounce, explore and discover. The adventure is just a hop, skip and a jump away from your back door. Embrace the magic of childhood with thrills, creativity and freedom”