Winter's Coming!

During the long hot days of summer in the UK (when we get them) soft play centres can have quieter periods as families are outside enjoying the sunshine or on their holidays overseas. This time however presents the perfect opportunity to spruce up your centre with some additional structure, some long overdue maintenance work or just a real deep clean! That's where we come in!

Interactive ball movers, volcanoes and cannons are great products to attract more custom!

Let's start with the fun stuff! Adding a new slide, a new babies area or even a ball volcano area (as shown above) re-invigorates your centre and shows returning customers that you are always investing in more ways to keep their children entertained. New additions to your play offer are also great marketing tools for your social media presence, blog and print advertising.

Tots areas are a big pull for mum's with younger children

So you've added some play items and and installed a brand new babies area, now it's time for some net re-tensioning, some mats to be re-covered and most importantly a deep clean of your whole area ready for a busy autumn.


Tigerplay environmental offer a complete maintenance and cleaning service breathing new life into older units.

Specialised equipment for the job

Specialised equipment for the job

With the latest equipment designed specifically for the job, our team ensures we leave your area, looking good, smelling great and free from potentially harmful bugs and bacteria.

Tigerplay environmental- soft play cleaning and maintenance service. The one call you need to make this summer!